‘Tata Steel's strength is Tata Steel's people’

'Our cooperation with Tata Steel started 56 years ago. There was a representative of Tata Steel in the US, Mr. E. Milo. A deal of former Koninklijke Hoogovens with a business contact in Chicago had gone wrong, and therefore there was quite some surplus steel here at the other side of the ocean. Mr. Milo came to my father, in South Bend Indiana. From their first meeting onwards, the two had an enormous click. A warm, close friendship and a solid business relationship arose. Mr. Milo passed away three years ago, but I still have close contact with his widow and children.'


'In 1964 my father, being the owner of Steel Warehouse, bought 2000 tons of steel, which over the years has grown to a multiple of that. Tata Steel is a big part of our growth and our success.'

'We process the steel from IJmuiden and sell it again. Also to customers who already say they want 'Dutch Steel from IJmuiden' in advance. Tata Steel has such a good reputation and high quality. And at Tata Steel,they know our customers and know how to meet their expectations. As a result, we continue to attract new customers, who are constantly dumbfounded. That is the strength of this collaboration.'

I hope they can add another 100 years to their existence

Dave Lerman is 78 years old and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Steel Warehouse, an American steel distributor and processer, which has been buying steel from Tata Steel for over 56 years.


Tata Steel's strength

'Tata Steel's strength isTata Steel's people. They are fantastic, straightforward, work very hard and are loyal. My father died unexpectedly in 1975 and I took over the company. Together with my brothers,we have further developed the good relationship with Tata Steel. I've been to IJmuiden at least 40 times and for our 70-year anniversary last year a group from Tata Steel was flown in and we organized a special party for them. I hope they can add another 100 years to their existence'.

100 jaar staal in 100 verhalen

Ontdek gedurende het jubileumjaar de rijke historie van het staalbedrijf via verhalen van medewerkers, omwonenden, klanten en andere relaties. Elke week publiceren we tekst, video of audioverhalen.

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